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Political and regulatory strategy advice

The political agenda has one constant – change. New actors, developing challenges, and changes in public opinion keep triggering new regulatory initiatives. With a clear regulatory strategy, you will be able to steer your established business model through these changes and establish the right framework for your expansion and innovation plans.

Managing regulatory initiatives

EU directives, national legislation, the details of statutory instrument or the issuing of permits – we support you with strategies, arguments and contacts.


Political risk and opportunity analysis

Every investment in a new company or in new business areas requires a clear analysis of opportunities and risks. This includes a well-founded assessment of the political and regulatory future prospects. Because regulation is one of the factors that determine the return on an investment.

Political positioning and networking​

Your company is a player in the political arena. You and your goals are classified into political categories and the attitude of political actors towards your company influences future regulatory projects. We help you to actively position yourself as a political partner.

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High-Level-Coaching and building in-house regulatory teams

We advise CEOs and key executives on how to operate in the political sphere. As key representatives of your company, you can play an important role when it comes to political decision-making.

Services for start-ups

Freshly founded companies are facing a range of challenges when they begin to target their products and services in the right market. We provide then with strategic support on regulatory issues as well as in winning public grants and professionally addressing investors.


Online Public Affairs

Communicating online has become an integral part of public affairs work. All major online channels have gained in political relevance of the last few years: News sites, social media platforms, blogs, debating and many more. We help you to drive the optimal path for your company through the uncertainties of the online landscape and to develop an effective and efficient strategy for your online public affairs work.

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