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Businesses are pursuing their goals in the public view – and their decisions impact the lives of many. This is why political actors have ever-changing expectations, define limits for business activities, and set regulatory standards. To successfully manage the interface between business, politics and public, your company has to think and act strategically. Your business needs to actively engage to shape the context in which it works and to intelligently participate in the debate on rules and legislation.

Our holistic approach to political strategy development is based on the knowledge that politics and business speak different languages. Political decisions follow a rationale quite different from the one underlying business decisions. Political decisions are made in defined processes. We ensure that your concerns and goals are part of every step of the process, at the right time, in the right form, and at all political levels.

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Politics is our home turf – and we will support you with our experience and our networks.

Matthias Ilgen ALP Advisors

Matthias Ilgen

Partner, former member of the German Bundestag

Henning Finck ALP Advisors

Henning Finck

Partner, former member of the Hamburg Parliament


Tilo Fuchs


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