Advanced Level Politics

Political and regulatory strategy advice

Regulatory conditions have a considerable impact on the business opportunities of any company. This makes actively dealing with regulation and the changes it is undergoing a key element of managing your business and ensuring its long-term success, requiring a dedicated strategy. Politics is its own world, with its own rationales and force fields. We support your company with our expertise in this political world.


We support you in developing a regulatory strategy that will ensure favorable conditions for business today and chart the future for sustainable success. Based on a political SWOT-analysis and the assessment of political conflicts and trends, we will create an action plan for general political engagement as well as for tackling specific political initiatives.


Political decisions are made by personalities. We will help you to understand how they interact in the policy areas relevant to you and formulate a stakeholder strategy. This will ensure you have a network of reliable partners and alliances in politics and the administration, and allow you to see eye-to-eye with decision-makers.

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